Overlay's solutions use cutting edge technology to improve scale, remove cost, and massively accelerate the time to construction.

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Small Cell Site Acquisition


Overlay makes the workflow and collaboration of site acquisition streamlined and efficient. Measurements are made with a phone and overlayed on the environment as they are captured. Augmented reality markers clearly indicate the relative location and distance from the pole to power and network. All data and imagery is immediately uploaded to the cloud to enable a virtual site walk that eliminates costly return visits to the site for A&E drawings or carrier review.  Required documentation like the Site Candidate Information Package (SCIP) and Site Sketch are automatically generated by the system.

Deliverable Creation
Faster Delivery
Less Cost
  • Enables Virtual Site Walk

  • Enforces best practice site acquisition process

  • Improves resource scalability

  • Automates creation of Site Candidate Information Packages (SCIP) and Site or Lockdown Sketches

Rapid Small Cell Surveying


Surveying small cell site locations is one of the largest bottlenecks for small cell deployment.  Overlay allows what used to take many hours to be done in minutes. A robust toolset allows a surveyor to trace the environment around them and that drawing is then lifted and put directly into the appropriate datum for their review.  Unstamped 1A letters and topographic surveys are automatically created saving tremendous time back at the office. All measurements are verifiable with a full video audit of the survey allowing lesser skilled resources to be deployed without the need  and expense of traditional surveying equipment.

Deliverable Creation
Faster Delivery
Less Cost
  • Allows deployment of more scalable resources with minimal equipment

  • Enables small cell work to be done at scale and within price points

  • Automates creation of unstamped 1A Letter & Topographic Survey

  • Provides full visual audit of all work