Before an asset is installed or a pipeline is inspected field techs go out to the site to collect information to save time downstream. Maybe they take notes and pictures. Usually there are a lot of manual steps and wasted time. Overlay’s Site Action List keeps track of site information, imagery, scans, and GIS data. Making time spent on site shorter, data quality better, and everyone happier.

Collection Time


Time at the site is quick and efficient. Data is uploaded automatically. No copying, no transferring files, and mistakes.

Less Equipment


When you are trying to visit as many sites as possible, carrying around a bunch of equipment is not ideal. It takes time to setup, it’s hard to transport, and it’s expensive. With Overlay you can collect imagery, video, 3D scans, and GIS data all with either the phone alone or the lightweight Overlay Precision AR rig.

How it works

Define sites in the office or create them on the fly in the field

The app automatically knows when you are on site, keeps track of what needs to be done, and uploads and organizes everything to the cloud for you. Completed tasks are automatically marked complete. When you’re done at the site, you’re done for the day.

Save time with templates

Typically collect the same information at each site? Save time by using templates. Unnecessary steps can be skipped. Seamless handoff to the Overlay scan app. When you’re done, it is all moved to the cloud, organized, and ready to view.

get started

Need to Add More Information?

No problem. You can add additional comments, visual notes, scans, or GIS data at any time. All of it is organized along with the Site Action list for later viewing. You’ll never lose that post it note again.

Don’t Need GIS Data?

Then all you need is a phone. Overlay Site Action Lists work with the data types you need and most only require your mobile device. It makes deploying Site Actions across all of your teams inexpensive and easy.


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