Most company are held back by silos of information. Overlay’s Data Portal is designed to make organizing, integrating, and sharing data easy. Better data means better decisions, less mistakes, and new opportunities. The Data Portal has been designed to make it simple to get information to your field teams and for people at headquarters to understand the situation on the ground.

Data Capture


Collecting GIS data can be an unwelcome exercise when in the field. With Overlay’s handheld rig collection is quick and easy. Data is updated instantly. There is a full visual audit of every capture

Save Time


Searching for a chamber entrance or obstructred asset can be time consuming. With Overlay you can see your GIS data on the mobile map and in augmented reality enabling you to spend more time focused on completing tasks.

How it works

The Alignment EngineTM

The Overlay difference is based on proprietary algorithms called the Alignment Engine. Unique in the market, Overlay’s technology is so accurate you can even do data capture at centimeter-level accuracy. The phone knows the exact position of everything it sees which means your data stays in place your entire session.

Data at your fingertips

GIS systems often have the data you need, but it is difficult to access it or use it in the field amidst assets that are difficult to distinguish from one another. Not with Overlay. Hover on the asset and all of the metadata you need will appear for quick action. Need to make an update? Not a problem.

get started

Can I place my 3D scans into the scene?

Easily. And if you do it for open trenches you can see those assets using AR any time in the future. Or even view conditions before/after a repair was completed.

Will it work with Esri?

Yes. Out of the box at no extra charge. You can see your GIS data exactly where Esri thinks it is. And with AR you know if it is wrong. How do you fix it? Simply move the AR marker on top of the correct asset and the GIS data is updated autmoatically.


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