Most company are held back by silos of information. Overlay’s Data Portal is designed to make organizing, integrating, and sharing data easy. Better data means better decisions, less mistakes, and new opportunities. The Data Portal has been designed to make it simple to get information to your field teams and for people at headquarters to understand the situation on the ground.

Transcription Mistakes


Typos are a thing of the past because all of the data is handled automatically.

Save Time


A small mistake in capturing and sharing data can have a ripple of costly effects. Not just the time it takes to correct it, but also all of the poor decisions that are made on the incorrect information.

How it works

A digital hub in the cloud

When you want your field team to have critical data or assets all you do is upload them via a standard upload interface. When you need to grab imagery, work with a scan in your favorite CAD program, or import a SHP file into ArcGIS it is just a click away. You don’t need to have a full license to Site Actions, Scan, or Precision AR to access the data created by them.

The power of context

Teams come and go. Projects begin and end. Knowledge does not always get transferred. With the Data Portal, when you head out to a site you can see every visit and all of the data collected. It makes planning easier and your projects shorter. The best part is that all you have to do is use the system. Everything is organized automatically without extra manual steps.

get started

Can I turn that GIS data into KML?

Of course. Or DXF, CSV, or SHP. The Data Portal can give you the format you need to save you time.

Do we have any pictures of that site?

It’s sure easy to check. The imagery carousel makes it easy to browse through all of the photos taken on location. And they aren’t just photos, they are Visual Notes. Each one has the comments captured by the person who took them to provide more context for what you are seeing.


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