Many utilities and companies do not have accurate knowledge of their assets at critical locations. Asset Vision makes it simple to automatically inventory assets by creating a 3D model of the location using an iPhone. With that model in place these assets can be combined with contextual data as well as live sensor information using augmented reality.

Asset Inventory Accuracy


Many asset management systems have large gaps in information or are highly innacurate

Visit Cost Reduction


Less expensive resources can be used for site visits. Many return visits are eliminated entirely.

How it works

Asset Vision's AI can be trained on new assets in seconds

The challenge of AI assisted asset identification is when new items are encountere traditional methods of training the AI are expensive and time consuming. Overlay's proprietary Rapid Registration technology trains the AI on new items in seconds using the 3D model created with Overlay Scan. Once the AI has learned the new objects it will recognize them in any new environment.

Sensor data can be seen live via AR

Once an asset is identified live data from other systems can be seen via AR including contextual documentation, videos, sensor data, or relevant cases.

get started

What if I have a new asset Asset Vision has never seen before?

You can teach the system the new asset in seconds by putting a box around it and providing information about the asset. Overlay runs its Rapid Registration algorithms and within seconds it will be able to recognize that asset going forward.

What if I don't have a model of my assets?

You can quickly and easily create a model using your phone and the Overlay scan app.


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