Models quickly captured in the field saves time, money, and carbon. Eliminates costly truck rolls back out to site to resolve open questions. Allows unplanned measurements after the fact. Provides more context than imagery or video alone. Most importantly it begins to build a data foundation that can be leveraged for new strategic capabilities going forward.

Return Trips


Most revisits to sites are completely eliminated with a thorough scanning of the location.

Project costs


Allowing collaborators to resolve issues directly by reviewing detailed scans removes the need for project delaying inquiry, site revisits, and unnecessary meetings.

How it works

Capture an 8 m³ chamber in 5 minutes

3D scanning hardware is not new, but it is expensive. You can now get great results using only an iPhone. Simple enough for your entire team to use, and affordable enough to deploy broadly. As you deploy edge analytics, IOT, and remote sensing having a detailed understanding of your infrastructure is critical to save time and money.

Models so detailed you can see the bolts

This pipe juncture was captured using only an iPhone in 2 minutes with detail fine enough you can clearly make out text and see the bolts. Never revisit a chamber or asset again unless it is to do repairs.

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Digital twins?

Monitoring and modeling function is critical, but sometimes you get just as much information by understanding the exact situation on the ground. Couple these 3D model with your digital twin data for powerful and actionable data when you need it.

How Do I Get the Scan?

Some systems make it difficult to get your scans when you need them, or don’t provide them in the format required by the systems you use. Overlay’s scanning app can quickly and easily export your model in most formats directly to your system of choice.


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