Know what you have

Cities & Counties


Go beyond simple GIS data display to full visualization of your infrastructure including contextual measurements, images, videos and documentation 

Enable virtual site selection for communication & IOT vendors with full reservation support and infrastructure management 

Automatic close out using a simple iPhone app ensures data is always up-to-date

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Applications for Municipalities and your Infrastructure Providers



  • Mapping and visual inventory of all poles/boxes/assets 

  • Reservation system for carriers applying

  • Progress and shot clock monitoring for applications 

  • Virtual inspection capabilities for proposed sites

  • Tracking of application approval and deployment

  • Segmented by carrier, geography, deployment stage

  • Automatic updates when carriers make changes


Utilities & Power

  • Mapping and visual inventory of all poles/towers/assets 

  • Virtual inspection of tree and vegetation proximity 

  • Segmented by utility/company, geography, and asset

  • Automatic updates when companies conduct inspections



Government Uses

  • Mapping/visual inspection for disaster damage assessment 

  • Mapping/visual inspection for city improvement projects  

  • Mapping/visual inspection anything you want to catalog   

  • Easy coordination with contractors or other agencies