About Overlay

Overlay was founded to solve a single problem: the deployment, management, and maintenance of critical infrastructure is slow, fraught with error, and requires multiple site visits for simple decision making. Current and accurate information is critical when planning, expanding, upgrading, acquiring, or dealing with a disaster. Existing GIS systems provide little beyond Google Maps style display with basic metadata, are manually intensive to maintain, and still frequently require onsite visits to make decisions. Despite considerable investment of capital and time inventorying and inspecting assets, most of that information quickly becomes stale and obsolete. 

To address this, we assembled a group of Silicon Valley veteran entrepreneurs and problem-solvers. We built one platform that can be used by everyone — cities, counties, states, utilities, telecom and power companies, and anybody else who has important fixtures that may change over time. We coupled that with powerful mobile AR technology that automatically updates the platform every time a site is touched with contextual measurements, comprehensive imagery, and complete elimination of back office work.

As we expand nationwide and customize the platform and our data collection apps, we’re uncovering additional asset management problems within each industry. Unable to ignore a challenge, we’ve developed several industry-specific solutions and continue to roll out more. 

Executive Team

chris morace.jpg

Chris Morace, CEO

Chris has a track record of leading and growing successful tech companies. As Chief Strategy Officer, Chris grew Jive Software from a small startup to an IPO valuing at over $900M.  Chris’ first company was acquired by Mercury (HP) and Chris serves as an advisor on several boards. In 2011 he wrote the New York Times bestselling book, Transform, the definitive guide for executive managing digital transformation in the enterprise.

Josh Richau.png

Josh Richau, CTO

Josh has been developing leading software solutions for the past two decades. Josh has been the functional architect at large and small Silicon Valley companies, including SGI, HP, Jive, and start-ups that were ultimately acquired by HP. 

cipora herman.jpg

Cipora Herman, CFO

Cipora oversaw the financial operations  of several rapidly growing giants. Cipora served as VP of Finance for Yahoo, VP of Finance and Treasurer at Facebook during its IPO, and CFO of the 49ers. Cipora sits on the board of ZipRecruiter and other prominent tech companies.

Marshall Brickeen pic.jpeg

Marshall Brickeen, CRO

Marshall has founded and grown companies with national and global sales teams. Marshall has also negotiated complex deals with global companies and governments. Marshall advises startups on sales and business development growth.