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As a society, we need to start paying off the debt that we’ve accumulated over the last century or two. Everyone needs to be tackling at least a piece of the climate problem. the idea about helping water agencies solve problems in the field got us pretty excited.

For us, it’s work that has to be done. We have to be smarter about how we manage that resource in every aspect. It’s imperative for us to do more than just return value to our investors, and we felt we had to do something that was going to help with a problem.

Chris Morace is an entrepreneur, Executive, Advisor, Investor, and Author with broad experience in marketing, products, business development, and strategy. Strong experience implementing organizational change and leading companies through the transition from start-up to public company.

NY Times Best Seller
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founded in 2015

Chris Morace


Josh Ricau


Josh Richau is a technology leader whose knowledge runs broad and deep. With expertise in enterprise architecture, analytics, augmented reality, mobile, geolocation, collaboration technologies, and 3D graphics, he has led the Overlay team to create an augmented reality platform that truly works outdoors.

Chief Architect - Kintana
Graphics Hardware - SGI
Analytics & Cloud Strategy - Jive
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