The first true data platform for water utility workers in the field.

When workflows from the office to the field are seamlessly connected you get better outcomes, more quickly for less money.

A different approach

For us, “Digital Water” means putting data at the center of every aspect of water management. From decisions at headquarters to execution in the field--everything needs to be an integrated and seamless workflow.

Strategy and execution need to work hand in glove to solve our biggest water problems. We want to make the utilities that manage our water more empowered and effective every step of the way.

Use hardware you
already trust

Your hardware + Overlay App

Most Overlay functionality works with an iPhone alone. For precision AR simply add an antenna from industry leaders such as Trimble, Leica, or Eos. That means a consistently excellent experience, less expensive upgrade costs and faster innovation cycles.

Overlay Cloud

Overlay Data Portal

The Overlay Data Portal is designed to make it easy to get your data in and out. The modern architecture assures integrations with your critical systems. And an out-of-the-box integration with Esri means your critical GIS data stays where you want it.

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